RE: Website Update: Dated: 22nd February 2021

RE: Website Update: Dated: 22nd February 2021 Good morning/ Good Evening members! 1.) The following deceased were added to the Volksrust Cemetery Page, they are reflected below: a.) KUTLWANE, Dlamini: b.) SWIEGERS, Piet 2.) The changes that were mentioned in our last update dd: 19th February 2021, numbered: 3 – 4 have now been … Read more


All “S” NamesR Names I T NamesVolksrust Cemetery Birth: 21.05.1931. Death: 02.11.1999.Buried at Volksrust Cemetery, Plot No:  Refer to 1*.Listed on the Volksrust Cemetery page at : Volksrust Cemetery (Link) Photographer: Carlos Pereira All articles, images, texts and videos are copyrighted to images, texts, articles and videos posted hereon were correct at the date and time of publication. … Read more