Volksrust.Net was pleasantly surprised and pleased to receive an email from a member of the public expressing her gratitude to Mr Carlos Pereira (Caro Mio Partir) who also happens to be the brother of the Administrator & Webmaster/Owner of the Volksrust.Net website and Facebook Group. The member of the public asked for assistance in locating … Read more


Dear Volksrust.Net Members, The following member: MANANA, NOKUTHULA HAPPY was added to the Volksrust Cemetery page on the 12th of August 2021. See link below for the listing: https://volksrust.net/cemeteries/volksrust-cemetery/m-list/ The deceased member’s profile can be visited by clicking on his/her name on the link given above. The main Volksrust Cemetery page can be located at:https://volksrust.net/cemeteries/volksrust-cemetery/ … Read more


Dear Volksrust.Net Members, The following member, KUBHEKA, BUHLEBUYEZA PRECOCIOUS EGBERT was added to the Volksrust Cemetery page on the 6th of August 2021. See link below for the listing: https://volksrust.net/cemeteries/volksrust-cemetery/k-list/ The main Volksrust Cemetery page can be located at: https://volksrust.net/cemeteries/volksrust-cemetery/ Kind regards,Admin


All “C” NamesB Names I D NamesVolksrust Cemetery Birth: 23.12.1942. Death: 27.07.2020.Buried at Volksrust Cemetery, Plot No: : Refer to 1*Listed on the Volksrust Cemetery page at : Volksrust Cemetery (Link) All articles, images, texts and videos are copyrighted to volksrust.net.All images, texts, articles and videos posted hereon were correct at the date and time of publication. All … Read more

Update on schools added to the Volksrust.net website (dated Nov 7th, 2020).

It is with absolute shock and disgust that we have noticed that there are many schools in Volksrust of all categories that either do not have a website, let alone a Facebook page or some form of online exposure. Those that do, have at the very least a “Facebook page”, they do not even provide … Read more

The Volksrust Department of Agriculture Added to the volksrust.net website.

The Volksrust Department of Agriculture (Now known as the Volksrust Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Land and Environmental Affairs) has been added to our website. This is just a notification to inform the members of the public and the readers/visitors of/to our website. We hope the information provided will be useful and informative. Their link … Read more

Addition of the Volksrust SAVF Hildebrandt Children’s Home as well as the Volksrust SAVF Social Services to the volksrust.net website.

We are pleased to announce that we have added the above establishments to our website in the hopes that it will generate more exposure as well as much needed funds and finances which are always in need for such huge undertakings as these. Their webpage can be found at : https://volksrust.net/savf-louis-hildebrandt-kinderhuis/ Though the webpage in … Read more