Volksrust Recorder Online Advertisement Rates.

For Classified Ads:

Description: (See the yellow graph below of what your ad could look like as well as its size.)

Please note: Ads are clickable and can be enlarged. Clicking on the above graph will open the ad in a new tab and will be enlarged in maximum view.

1 block/rectangle per ad is priced at R100 each and is valid for 1 month from the date the Recorder is published provided that it is paid for 2 days BEFORE the date of publication. The date of publication is the 1st of every month. The latest your ad can be accepted and paid for is 2 days before the next online edition of the Recorder comes out.

A discount of 10 % is given if you book and place for more than 1 ad at the same time or if you book and place an advert to run over a few months. Please note: We do not do refunds so please make sure whether you want to place this advert or not.

Do take note that the size you are looking at is not the actual size of the ad. The reason being is that when the ad is clicked on, it expands in size and opens in a new tab so in actual fact the real size of the ad is much larger. Please keep this in mind and know what you are paying for. When people place an ad, they erroneously judge its size by what it looks like without clicking on it. Their perception changes when they realize the value in what they paid for. A small message is placed at the bottom of the graph alerting the public that the ad is clickable and can be enlarged.

This table of ads is placed last at the end the publication.

For an A4 Sized Advert:

These are charged at R400 for a document which can be 1 page to a maximum of 3 pages each. Valid for 1 month.

Since the advert is so big, it is the prerogative of the Volksrust Recorder to decide where to place it in each publication.

Description: (Please see the graph below to get an idea of how big the ad is. Usually people who are applying for liquor licenses and want it made public choose this option. Again, this is just a sample for demonstration purposes to show you its size.)

For a Business Product or Service Ad:

These are charged at R200 each and also valid for 1 month from the date of Publication.

Description below: Again, note the size of the ad when it is clicked on. Notice is given at the bottom of the ad to inform the public that the ad can be clicked on though it is already big and viewable at first glance. Preferably ads made/designed should be horizontal and NOT vertical like this one below as it takes up a lot of unnecessary space on either side.

The above ad can be clicked on to expand it in size. Image will open in a new tab.

Below, another sample of a horizontal ad, see the size at face value without doing anything. It is still readable. Watch how it expands in size when clicked on:

The above ad can be clicked on to expand it in size. Image will open in a new tab.

This type of ad is usually placed in between articles and on a first come first served basis. The earliest advert gets placed in between the 1st two articles right at the top of the page. The next ad is then placed between the second article and third and so on and so forth.

For the Recorder’s Facebook Group Ad:

Adverts posted in only our Recorder’s Facebook Group. Price is R25 each per week and posted on a Monday OR R100 a month, each posted on a Monday.

Description: Size is self explanatory as the ad is the normal size of a photo which most people do when posting in a Facebook Group or on their own wall.

We regret that we cannot publish an advert to its original full size otherwise this would mean it would slow down the whole page or publication not to mention the entire website for the readers to read the publication. That is why we have allowed each ad to be expanded on in a new tab when it is clicked on. It is not fair to have one ad or a number of ads all in full view and everyone suffers who is trying to read what is in the publication because it is taking too long to download. Please understand this. This is why we have had to compromise for both the readers and the advertisers to make everybody happy. We trust we have made our point clear.

Made your decision? Contact us for the form and bank details.