Announcement : Discount & Incentive Relief On Consumer Accounts.

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Dr Pixley Ka seme Municipality:

Discount and incentive relief on consumer accounts.

A 50% discount will be given to all those who are in arrears and will be applicable to the following:

1) Developed residential property(House).

2) Pensioners

3) NGO’s

4) Agricultural

5) Business Accounts

6) Undeveloped or Vacant sites

Please note:

The 50% discount is for the amount owing as at 31st December 2022 . This will be inclusive of all amounts plus capitalized debt.

The incentive relief programme shall be applicable from 1 May 2023 to 30th June 2023.

All community members are requested to take advantage of this discount.

Please note:

Community members who benefitted from 01 Dec 2022 till 31 March 2023 will not be allowed to apply again.

For Assistance at the Municipality please contact: Jabulile or Nonhlanhla.

Cllr A.F.Gangat (Ward 4, Volksrust)