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As happens on a daily basis, the state of load shedding is updated on the website every single day for the benefit of those who do not and cannot afford to have smart phones and consequently the apps that can’t be downloaded onto them.

In addition, the news as it pertains to the whole country is also updated on a daily basis soon after it is broadcast.

We have added a ‘Places of Worship’ category or section on our blog to provide information on where worshippers can go to practice and fulfill their beliefs whether it be a mosque, church or some other building representing a religious institution. Thus, we have added a church and will soon add the mosque of Volksrust as well as other places of worship.

We are always updating our website with new, fresh and relevant information and we hope you will find this interesting and informative as we have adding these titbits to the site.

Do contact us if you would like to see something specific on our website and we may consider posting it.


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