Visitor and User Guide: Introduction

Welcome to this first post/article (of many future posts and articles) on how to use this website and blog for our little but growing town!

It is our hope that as you avail yourself of these articles, you will become familiar and avail yourself of information embedded within its pages.


This website is divided into four parts, namely the website itself, its business directory, its ‘Public Facilities & Government Page” and its blog. It has been created in such a way so that it is also easily available and viewable on all devices, not just the computer. See the image below which was captured and notice the red rectangles showing you the four divisions or parts of the website. Please note: this is an image and it is not clickable. It is just shown here below for further and easy explanation:

1. The website: The entire length of the red rectangle is the website. All of the pages within the website; namely: the homepage, About Us, Services, links, contact us are all ‘static’ meaning the info contained within them do not change and they remain the same. They are not usually updated.

2. The Business Directory: This part of the website is when various businesses sign up to advertise and list their business in the business directory so that the residents of Volksrust become aware and know what businesses are available to meet their everyday and daily needs. As it is still new, various ‘categories’ will eventually be added as businesses sign up such as construction, meat supply, education, eating out, and so on.

3. Public Facilities & Government Page: This page lists all of the various government departments and services with links to contact information. It also contains links and pages to various public facilities available for the public to use.

4. Blog: This is the very heart of the entire website. It is here where lots of information can be obtained about life pertaining to this town as well as activities and goings on. Since the entire website is static as explained in paragraph and point 1, it makes sense that this part of the website is where most, if not all people and visitors go to in order to obtain information. It also happens to be the part of the website that has the most additions and changes made and info is published daily so again, it makes sense to go to the blog section of the website to access relevant, new and fresh material everyday.

This concludes the end of our first article. We hope you enjoyed it and you are now better informed. Why not leave a comment in the Comments Section below?

Date of Publication: January 15th, 2023

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