Volksrust.Net was pleasantly surprised and pleased to receive an email from a member of the public expressing her gratitude to Mr Carlos Pereira (Caro Mio Partir) who also happens to be the brother of the Administrator & Webmaster/Owner of the Volksrust.Net website and Facebook Group.

The member of the public asked for assistance in locating the grave of a particular family member and when Carlos willingly and selflessly offered to help, she gave him the info he needed.

We are very pleased to get an email like this expressing heartfelt gratitude as it is not everyday that one gets an email like this given that this is done from the heart and not asking for anything in return.

We publish the email below (with permission) but the email address of the person will not be released for security reasons:

Subject Locating my grandmother’s grave


Hi all.I would like to commend Carlos for the excellent contribution in locating the grave plot of my grandmother. Since my dad passed away, I wanted to scatter his ashes on his mom’s grave and was enquiring about help in the town, as I live in Germiston. Carlos helped me tremendously. If it wasn’t for this site I wouldn’t have been able to contact him. Keep up the the good work. Please continue to be of assistance to the community. Thank you.

Emmerentia Botes”

Thank you Carlos for the selfless and often times thankless work that you do. Know that you are appreciated not just for the work you do but for who you are. You are a gem! Always remember that!