General Piet and Hendrina Joubert Mausoleum

• Resting place of former Commandant-General of the Transvaal Piet Joubert and his wife, Hendrina.
• The mausoleum is open for public viewing, although only reachable via a private gravel road linking the local farms with the main road from Volksrust.
• Paul Kruger and Piet Joubert were the two main political and military “strong men” of the Transvaal, although Joubert had his own following.
• He died from natural causes at the start of the South African War of 1899-1902 at the age of 69.
• Hendrina Joubert died in 1916 at the age of 85.
• She was known as “Vreeslose Drienie” because of her courageous acts while supporting her husband. Especially when she alerted her husband about the British’ position at Majuba Hill.

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