Volksrust Correctional Services

Contact Particulars: VOLKSRUST CORRECTIONAL SERVICES / VOLKSRUST COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS1 de Jager StreetVolksrust2470 Office Hours: 07h00 – 15h30 Telephone: 017 735 1292 Fax: 017 735 1298 Photographer: Mr Carlos Pereira (Date of Publication of This Article: November 26th, 2020) The above information was correct at the time and date of publication. All images, videos and text … Read more

General Piet and Hendrina Joubert Mausoleum

• Resting place of former Commandant-General of the Transvaal Piet Joubert and his wife, Hendrina.• The mausoleum is open for public viewing, although only reachable via a private gravel road linking the local farms with the main road from Volksrust.• Paul Kruger and Piet Joubert were the two main political and military “strong men” of … Read more

Update on schools added to the Volksrust.net website (dated Nov 7th, 2020).

It is with absolute shock and disgust that we have noticed that there are many schools in Volksrust of all categories that either do not have a website, let alone a Facebook page or some form of online exposure. Those that do, have at the very least a “Facebook page”, they do not even provide … Read more